Sunday, February 10

vektor icons

1)can u recognize all the icons above as wat it stands for?
2)which one is not clear?
3)do they look consistence?
4)any problem with da color?
* suggestions or comment?? ur comment is welcome* thx~ xie xie x 1000000000

my theme for icon design is batik, bt ...hehehe.... doesn't seems really tat ''batik''...
:p...again..thx for helping ~


Chansformer said...

Hehe...1st 1 who post comment..

1st icon looked like email folder.
2nd icon looked like contact list folder
3rd icon looked like photo album
4th icon ofcoz like gaming folder
5th icon like internet browser icon i guess..
i think mostly the right side icon is better

Chansformer said...

BTW awesome icon n happy CNY !
someday teach me how to draw 1 of those icon

饿鬼 said...

1, Sms icon
2, At first i thought its a calling option, after reading
Chansformer's comment, it looks like "contact list"
to me now
3, Camera
4, Gaming
5, GPRS kah??

Erm, for sure the right side punya icon de colour looks better~

Jia you la u, ohya, My "ngek ngek ngek" got copyright~~ ngek ngek ngek~~~

cruz said...

1. prefer d left
2. can be purple?
3. Right is juz nice
4. green button to purple?
5. green n blue globe?


r e i said...

1. yea ^^
2. overall ok..mayb the camera(left) abit complicated..
3. yup
4. the web access & msg? (left)

overall ok for me..prefer the right 1~ hehe

fourthirty said...

1) a/sms

2) the no.4
- not so look like a
gaming console...cuz no
direction btn >.-

3) yup

4) the left side icon the color
abit dull